• London-to-Seattle flight returns to Heathrow due to technical problem


    SEATTLE - A technical issue caused a flight from London to Seattle to land five hours later than its arrival time Saturday evening.


    After a British Airway 747 flight departed from Heathrow Airport, the plane had a pressurization problem and had to return to London.


    Before landing, the plane had to dump fuel when it was still in the air.


    After the aircraft landed, crews were on hand at the runway.


    Passengers got off the plane and were placed on another aircraft to Seattle.


    KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Graham Johnson spoke with passengers who came off the replacement flight.


    “It was really peculiar because you could see us making little circles above the midlands and the little altimeter they showed didn’t go above 9,000 feet,” said passenger Richard Savine.


    One passenger took video of the plane dumping fuel over the English Channel.


    “That was kind of weird when they started dropping out fuel. I had no idea what that would look like, so I took video,” said passenger Sami Laiho.


    Passengers told KIRO 7 that the other passengers remained calm before the plane landed.


    The passengers were OK and there were no injuries.


    Early Sunday morning, an official with British Airways released a statement about the flight:


    “We apologize to customers for any inconvenience following a technical problem with an aircraft traveling to Seattle last night, which returned to London-Heathrow airport. Those onboard were transferred onto another aircraft and continued their journey shortly afterwards. British Airways will never compromise on safety, and the captain followed standard procedures by returning the aircraft to Heathrow.”

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