• Veteran angered by SPD officer who parked in disabled spot on Memorial Day


    SEATTLE - A disabled veteran is angered after he saw an able-bodied Seattle police officer parked in a disabled parking spot in West Seattle on Memorial Day.


    Henry Revelez said he was going to park in the spot at the Metropolitan Market on Monday but a Seattle police car was there, despite the fact that there were plenty of other spots open toward the back of the lot.


     “My thing was just it's disrespect,” said Revelez.


     Revelez said he is proud of his service but it's also what led to his disabilities.


       His time in Iraq injured the tendons in his arm and gave him respiratory problems that prevent him from walking for any distance, and he was irritated and frustrated when he saw the officer parked there on Monday.


        “When I came in here, especially on that day, it was just like an insult.  It was a slap in the face. This is very frustrating,” said Revelez.


    Revelez went into the store, thinking maybe there was a disturbance or emergency.  But then he saw the officer.


    “He was shopping, looking at the card rack, he was buying food for himself,” said Revelez.  “The first thing that came to my mind is I’m a veteran from Iraqi Freedom, and my thought was what if he took that spot from an elderly gentleman from Pearl Harbor or World War II or something like that and had to walk across the entire parking lot, if that was the situation,” said Revelez.


      He took a picture of the cruiser and sent it to Seattle police.


    He said someone at the West Precinct promised the officer would get a stern reprimand.


    “Shame on you for parking in a handicapped (spot) and you're not handicapped,” said Revelez.


      He believes the officer should have to pay the same fine anyone else would and maybe volunteer for a disabled veterans group.


    He also sent the picture and a complaint to the mayor's office, but has not gotten a response.


    Seattle police would only confirm that the case is being investigated internally.

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