• Toddler Dies After Falling 3 Stories

    By: Linzi Sheldon


    Seattle, WASH. - A toddler died in North Seattle after falling out a third-story window.

    Police said the 2-year-old girl’s mother had the window open because of the heat.

    “It was terrifying,” neighbor Miki Wilson said of the scream she heard Tuesday night.

    She soon realized it was from the mother who lived one floor directly below her in the apartment building on Northeast 88th Street.

    Police said the girl landed on rubber matting on the playground three stories below her.

    Emergency crews arrived and began performing CPR.

    “When I saw her on that gurney, I thought, ‘Why?’” said Maria Garcia, an 11-year-old neighbor who often played with the toddler, said. “She was 2 years old. Her birthday was last week.”

    “It’s tragic,” said Cal Folsom, who lives in the house next door and manages a business across the street.

    Wilson and Folsom said the building is run by Abused Deaf Women's Advocacy Services and that the toddler's mother is deaf.

    They said they saw her window open without a screen.

    “She always likes to go by the window,” Garcia said of the toddler. “I (used to) hold her so she (wouldn't) fall out.”

    But Seattle police said Tuesday there was a screen up when the little girl leaned against it while on her bed and fell through.

    Wilson said she feared this would happen at one of the units, especially with the hot weather.

    “I used to shoo kids from the window and let their parents know that they were hanging by the window or in the window,” Wilson said, “just not this parent.”         

    “Every time I was at her house I always get scared that she will fall,” Garcia said. “And that happened today.”

    Seattle police are investigating.

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