Thieves smash into Ravenna jewelry boutique on day before Valentine's

By: Gary Horcher

SEATTLE, Wash. - Until Monday, Alexis Allamano didn't see a need for elaborate security in her Ravenna jewelry boutique, where she sells hand-crafted, beach-inspired earrings, bracelets and necklaces.
Now, she sees how burglars crashed through her glass door, and she has a mix of hard emotions. When she stops to consider the countless one-of a kind pieces of jewelry she spent so many hours painstakingly creating by hand, the burglary breaks her heart. But she also feels sorry for the burglars so desperate to steal her art.
"We're an easy target.  It's low-hanging fruit for people that are in desperate situations," Allamano said. "So I feel pity for them, more than anything."
On a fairly busy NE 55th Street, no one seemed to notice the smash and grab happening overnight. Seattle police say the thieves left no fingerprints while they swept many of the displays filled with beach and nautical-inspired jewelry.
"They stole a one-of-a kind $300 necklace," she said. "I hope their girlfriend or whoever, enjoys it."
Alexa's loyal customers turned to her online Monday, and vowed to support her business more than ever.
But for the burglars who swiped thousands of dollars’ worth of unusual high-labor items? Alexa has a theory:
"The karmic repercussions of burgling these businesses, these people, is going to come back to them,'' she said.

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