South Pierce County residents fed up with brown water


People living in South Pierce County are fed up with brown water coming out of their faucets, and many spoke to the state’s utility commission on Thursday.

Residents told KIRO 7 News that they are upset the water company is asking for more money when it hasn’t fixed the problem yet.

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The company – Rainier View Water – wants an extension of a fee it already charges to install facilities to clear out manganese and iron people are finding in their water.

Thursday morning, Rainier View Water asked the state's Utilities and Transportation Commission for an extension on that 75-cent fee.

The extension was approved through 2025 during the meeting. 

Rainer View officials say they'll use it to construct iron and manganese treatment facilities to clear up the brown water that people living in Spanaway and Graham showed us last month.

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Iron and manganese are considered safe in low levels but could be corrosive to pipes and things like laundry.

Customers were hoping that UTC would open a full regulatory review.

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