• Samish River breaches dike

    By: Jessica Oh


    SKAGIT COUNTY, Wash. - A dike along the Samish River broke Tuesday, spilling even more water into farm lands already experiencing flooding. 

    While officials say the water is receding, several roads remain closed in Skagit County as of Tuesday night. A flood watch remains in effect. 

    Several days of rain has inundated roads, farms and fields. Officials say the dike breach west of Thomas Road only affected farm fields that were already flooded. 

    Lisa Lewis moved to Bow about one year ago and says neighbors warned her about the low-lying neighborhood which often experiences flooding. She said few of her neighbors have seen flooding this bad.

    "Everyone prepares for it and knows it's going to happen," she said. "People told me it was going to happen but you just can't imagine how it could possibly happen."

    Her home on Sam Bell Road is one of several surrounded by water. 

    "It's so beautiful out here, just farm fields as far as the eyes can see," she said. "Now I have lakefront property."

    The district is waiting for the water to recede before investigating how the dike was breached. It's not the first time it has happened, according to officials. Town leaders fear repairs could require state or federal funding. 

    As of early Wednesday morning, seven roads in Skagit County remain closed due to flooding concerns:

    Fox Road
    Colony Mountain Drive
    Sam Bell Road
    Prevedal Road
    Fonk Road
    Dahlstedt Road at Highway 99 West
    Green Road

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