• Lawsuit says Seattle's Ride the Ducks owner sacrificed safety for profits


    SEATTLE - The owner of Seattle's Ride the Ducks is accused of sacrificing safety in order to maximize profits.

    The allegations come in a lawsuit filed on behalf of those killed and injured two years after the devastating crash on the Aurora Bridge.

    PHOTOS: Ride the Ducks vehicle, bus crash 

    The lawsuit claims the Ducks' maintenance department was underfunded and understaffed.

    It also claims owner Brian Tracey hired unqualified people who didn't have experience in mechanics or safety.

    In 2015, a Ride the Ducks vehicle crashed into a charter bus, killing five international students and injuring 69 others.

    The National Transportation Safety Board said mechanical and safety failures leading to the crash actually started years before it happened.

    “I make no excuses for those violations. In fact, as the owner of Ride the Ducks, I take complete responsibility for the shortcomings,” Tracey said to investigators last year.

    The trial in this case is more than a year away, and it will be up to a judge whether Tracey will be named as a defendant.




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