Georgetown residents raise concerns about homeless camp

By: Henry Rosoff

SEATTLE - Dozens of neighbors came to a community meeting Monday night to raise concerns about a new homeless encampment, one of three planned by city leaders.
Camp locations:
• 1000 South Myrtle Street — up to 50 tiny homes, serving 60-70 people. To open in February.
• 9701 Myers Way South — up to 50 tent sites, serving 60-70 people. To open in February.
• 8620 Nesbit Avenue North — up to 50 tiny homes, serving 60-70 people. To open in March.
The camp on Myrtle Street was discussed Monday night.
Some expressed concerns about crime as more homeless move to the neighborhood.
In response to those concerns, Seattle police promise more patrols in Georgetown.
However, most of the questions inside the South Seattle Community College in Georgetown meeting were very different from the raucous gatherings a year and a half ago ahead of the Ballard and Interbay encampment openings.
Many were focused on issues with Georgetown itself, and how those issues would make it difficult for homeless people to get by.
People pointed to a lack of a laundromat and bad bus service as two concerns the city has yet to address.
City leaders insisted those things were being looked at, but said people living in the encampments would be far better off in the camps than on the streets.
Mayor Ed Murray has faced criticism for devoting resources to temporary encampments instead of long-term solutions.
The mayor has insisted the encampments are necessary to bridge the gap as the city works to open more 24-hour shelters and deliver better one-on-one service to get people off the streets permanently.

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