Family sues state in Bellevue mother's death

by: Deborah Horne Updated:


BELLEVUE, Wash. - It is this, says Jane Noel, that she has lived with in the 14-months since her 35-year-old daughter, Lindsay Hill, mother of two, was killed by the man she planned to marry.

"He should have been incarcerated," she said, "and he was not."

He is a man with a lengthy criminal record.

"I knew that they were in a relationship," said Noel. "I never personally met him."

Even so, Noel says Robert Terrance Jackson forever changed her life on a rainy November night in 2015. 

He and Hill were spotted in their car, fighting. Twenty minutes later, Jackson crashed the car, leaving Hill mortally wounded. 

It was so close to where they lived that her young son ran out to the scene.

"He saw Lindsay dead under the car that night," Noel said.

Jackson fled and hid in their apartment complex until Bellevue police found and arrested him.

"He'd had 30 criminal convictions in his adult life," said attorney Mike Wampold.

Wampold is suing the state because Jackson and many other convicts were knowingly set free too soon.

"It's egregious," he said. "It's unbelievable. Robert Jackson was a two-strike felon, and they released him months early. And that's what allowed him to commit this crime."

"Some might say your daughter chose to be with Mister Jackson," Noel was asked.

"Well, she was in a relationship, but," she said, her voice trailing off.

Then she added this. "The fact is, if he wouldn't have been out of prison, he wouldn't have killed her," she insisted. "And that's the fact. And that's what this is about."

She says it is also about getting justice for Hill's two young sons.  Any money they win in the lawsuit will go to them.

As for Robert Jackson, he is serving life in prison without the possibility of parole.