• Family injured in crash with Seattle police officer

    By: Natasha Chen


    SEATTLE - A Seattle police car collided with a Kia on Highland Park Way south of Marginal Way Monday shortly after 9 p.m., injuring the officer and several people in the other car.

    Seattle police said that multiple units were responding to a need for fast backup at a fight in South Park, when one of the units lost control going downhill, northbound on Highland Park Way.

    The officer lost control of the car, spinning into oncoming lanes and hitting a telephone poll. A woman driving the Kia with children in the car then hit the squad car.

    Seattle firefighters had to cut the officer out of the mangled squad car.

    The female driver of the Kia had a sling on her arm and told KIRO 7 it might be broken. She called her husband, Nick Faimalo, who said he immediately came to the scene.

    “I smashed over here as soon as she called me,” Faimalo said, “I couldn't understand her. She was just crying to say come get 'em.”

    Faimalo said their daughter, two nieces and a nephew were in the car. Two young girls on the scene were crying, describing pain in one’s arm and the other’s leg.

    All people involved were transported to the hospital to be evaluated and treated.

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