Caught on camera: Renton resident films Metro buses running red lights

by: Graham Johnson Updated:


A Renton resident has been capturing on camera King County Metro buses that routinely run red lights outside his home.

Glenn Reynolds lives on Logan Avenue South in Renton, along the route for King County Metro's RapidRide F line.

He has a number of videos that show buses running red lights at the intersection with Airport Way.

He's been sharing the videos with Metro officials and with KIRO Radio's Dori Monson.

"The red-light running is going to kill somebody. It's just a matter of time," Reynolds said.

Reynolds also has videos he says show buses speeding in the 25 mile per hour zone.

Reynolds is frustrated that the red-light running continues. His most recent video was taken two days ago.

"Every video we get, we review it. Every incident we see we review it. We've sent people out

there to get to see what's going on there," said Jeff Switzer of King County Metro.

Switzer said some of the videos show traffic violations, and some do not.

Metro says supervisors follow up with drivers caught speeding or running red lights.

“Our goal is to make sure operators don't repeat mistakes that they're making and if there's new operators coming into the area that they understand this is a condition in this area, they should not be speeding, they should not be running red lights," Switzer said.

Metro says supervisors have gone to Renton with speed guns and will continue to address the problem.

The agency says drivers are accountable for any ticket they get for speeding or running a red light.  

My Northwest contributed to this report.