• Local runners showing support for Boston Marathon victims


    SEATTLE - In wake of the Boston Marathon terror attacks, there’s a growing unity among local runners to show support for those killed and injured.

     In West Seattle Monday night, a memorial run was held for victims of the bombings.

     Many of them have run the Boston Marathon before.

     The run was organized by Lori McConnell, owner of West Seattle Runner.

     McConnell knew bringing runners together Monday was the right thing to do.

     "We all grieve in our own ways, but runners tend to grieve by running,” said McConnell.

    The 3-mile run started outside McConnell's store at California Avenue Southwest and Southwest Charleston Street and ended at California and fittingly, Southwest Massachusetts Street.

    Meanwhile, an online movement is growing for runners across the country to join a virtual run Tuesday to show their support for the people injured in the Boston Marathon bombings.

     KIRO 7's Jeff Dubois was at Green Lake, where he asked a few joggers if they'd heard about this idea that's spreading online.

     They hadn't yet, but it's something that will probably gain momentum throughout the day.

      The organizers, a group called Run Junkees from Chicago, have a Facebook event page, where more than 45,000 people have already signed up.

     The virtual run event is called Runners United to Remember.

     The idea is simple. Go for a run.

     Some local runners said they aren't surprised there's a growing unity among runners, following the attacks at the Boston Marathon.

     “When there's something that's bad happening with us, we're all going to rally around and make sure everybody's taken care of,” said runner Rose Feliciano.

     As for the new virtual run idea, organizers are encouraging runners to get together and maybe even wear any race event shirts collected over the years.

    Runners United to Remember starts Tuesday and runs through May 4.

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