• Local runners run in honor of Boston attack victims

    By: Frank Field


    SEATTLE - Area runners are honoring the victims in Boston and celebrating the end of the terror the best way they know how – by running.

    The Richmond Beach Running Club meets every Saturday for a run, but this one was special. The runners wore bib numbers in honor of Boston. And they began with a moment of silence and then a cheer.

    "Seattle loves Boston,” they chanted while stretching out.

    Club member John Lafayette ran the marathon on Monday. He finished an hour before the blasts on a day he called perfect until the city suddenly changed.

    “It was a stark contrast to such a joyous day it had been,” he said. “It was just a perfect occasion for the greatest event in distance running… until that happened.”

    Bob Harrison ran the race this year, too, his sixth in a row. He was stuck in his hotel after the bombings.

    “They encouraged people to stay away from the finish line certainly, and stay in your hotels,” he said.

    As Harrison ran today, he said he doesn't think terrorism will scare people away from next year's race.

    "It'll be a special one next year I think. It'll be crazy,” he said.  Asked if he planned to go, he didn’t hesitate,  “Definitely."

    The club members said they think next year’s Boston Marathon will be bigger than ever and that people won’t be deterred by the attacks.

    "Next year will be run harder, cheered louder and it's going to be a wonderful thing,” said Justin Sleasman.

    Other runners say the publicity might inspire some people to try the sport.

    Running club president Jeffrey Martin said, “Due to that awareness, you know, invite people out to come run and try to qualify for the Boston Marathon."

    That makes their memorial run just the beginning of training for next year's race.

    Another running club, Club Northwest, plans a 26 kilometer run in honor of Boston starting at Green Lake on Sunday at 9 a.m.

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