• Local runners coming home from chaos of Boston Marathon


    SEATAC, Wash. - Seattle-area Boston Marathon runners and race-goers are already arriving home Tuesday, and bringing their stories with them. 

    A few arrived at Sea-Tac Airport on Alaska Airlines flight 15 from Boston.  It touched down at 9:41 p.m.

    Ryan Wood was wearing his Boston Marathon jacket and finisher’s medal when he stepped into the terminal.  He was about four blocks away, on the Boston Common when the first bomb exploded.

     "We heard the explosion, didn't see anything, but we knew something was really bad; it was chaos after that,” said Wood.

     As the word spread of a second blast, how bad it really was started to sink in. 

    "There were a lot of people crying, and even before we knew what was going on, it was really scary,”  Wood told our crew.  

    When he discovered what was happening, he was stunned, because he realized his wife, Desiree, had been standing close to where the bombs went off for some time.  She left that spot though, well before the explosions. 

     "It's just sad,” she said, “because it's such a beautiful run, and it was a gorgeous day, and everyone worked so hard, Boston's the pinnacle, you know!  So, it's really just hard for the supporters and the runners and the families."

     Ryan Wood echoed that thought.

     "It ruined a really, really great day, it was a beautiful day, it was a wonderful race, it just -- it's just awful,” he said.

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