• Local groups digging in for battle over gun rights


    SEATTLE - As President Barack Obama unveiled his plan to reduce gun violence, local groups on both sides of the issues are digging in for a battle over gun rights.


     Local gun shops are being flooded with customers hoping to buy before any new gun laws are put in place.


    "It's punishing an entire group of individuals for a heinous crime someone else did,” said Jim Beals with Washington Open Carry.


    On the other side, the group Washington Cease Fire held a march to push for tougher gun laws.


    It wants state lawmakers to ban military-style assault weapons.


    "This is a fight that's on now.  It's a fight we in the gun control fight are not going to give up,” said Ralph Fascitelli with Washington Cease Fire.


    Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn, who was Wednesday’s White House event, is hoping the Legislature will amend the state constitution to allow cities to designate gun-free zones.


    While the debate heats up, sales of assault rifles have soared, locally and across the country.


    One Woodinville gun shop owner told KIRO 7 Eyewitness News he sold 38 last week alone, and did more business last month than he normally does in a year.


    In addition, the number of people applying for new, renewed or replaced concealed gun permits in King County jumped 60 percent last month.

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