• Local Egyptian-Americans Protest Massacre

    By: Gary Horcher


    BELLEVUE, Wash. - Bellevue Square Mall and Cairo, Egypt are almost 7000 miles apart. But on Wednesday night, hundreds of local passing drivers got a glimpse of the passion and grief shared by local Egyptian-Americans, who have family caught in the middle of what they call a “military-driven massacre.”

    Among dozens of sign and banner-waving local Egyptian-American protestors filling the corners around Bellevue Square was 13-year-old Muhammad Abdelmotegaly, who heard from his uncle hours before, when protestors in Cairo were being mowed-down by military snipers.

    “One of my uncles, we have no idea if he’s alive or dead, we have no idea where he is and that’s really scary,” said Abdelmotegaly.

    Over the course of twelve hours Wednesday, hundreds of Egyptians protesting the removal of President Morsi were killed during a military crackdown on street demonstrations and sit-ins. Clashes between the military and protestors spread throughout the country Wednesday.

    “They were shooting protestors with snipers they were shooting to kill, said Abdelmotegaly, who relayed reports from relatives. “They were shooting people who were unarmed in the head, in the neck, in the chest. They had no mercy; women, children, old people, no mercy.”

    Miriam Kamel, an Egyptian-American high school student, said if she still lived in Egypt she would have been in the middle of the bloodshed. “I just think if my parents hadn’t moved here to work for Microsoft, I could be one of those people who the military snipers mowed-down.”

    Protestors in Bellevue told passing drivers and shoppers that their tax dollars are fueling the carnage. “The US gives billions to Egypt in aid, billions,” exclaimed Abdelmotegaly adding “that money does not help poor people. That money goes to buy the military bullets that killed my brothers and sisters, who were only voicing their opinion!”

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