• Local couple hopes to shatter gay marriage stereotype


    SEATTLE - A local same-sex couple hopes to shatter the stereotype of gay marriage.


    Larry Duncan and Randy Shepherd got their picture taken after receiving their marriage license at 1:30 a.m. Thursday in Seattle.


    The couple’s picture then went viral.


    Duncan and Shepherd spoke with KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Alison Grande about how they never planned to be singled out and how important getting married is to them.


    “You can be bearded, plump and be gay and happy,” said Shepherd.


    “I’m excited people are looking at it and feeling excited in their heart when they see it,” said Duncan.


    The couple said they were amused by the sudden fame after their picture circulated around the world, but they didn’t want any national attention.


    “I can go to society and say, ‘This is my husband.’ And they know what that means,” said Shepherd.


    Duncan and Shepherd said that getting one of the state’s first marriage licenses was about love, security and celebration.


    The couples has been together for 11 years, and moved from Texas to Washington. They have exchanged rings, but they are now ready to get legally married.


    After their picture went viral around the world, the Supreme Court announced it would review the Defense of Marriage Act, which will determine whether gay couples would get the same federal benefits as heterosexual couples.


    “It’d be nice if they could just be his dependent on his income tax,” said Duncan.


    The couple would like the reassurance that if Duncan, who has already suffered a stroke, needs to be hospitalized, Shepherd can be with him.


    “You don’t know if you have that doctor that says, ‘No,’” Shepherd said.


    Others along with Duncan and Shepherd are hopeful when the Supreme Court rules in June, and that their marriage will give them federal benefits. 

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