• Local church celebrates Super Bowl with Skittles cannon, tailgating

    By: Linzi Sheldon


    EDMONDS, Wash. - One local church celebrated the Super Bowl by holding a unique party during its services.

    North Sound Church in Edmonds cut down its three services to two and infused them with 12th man spirit.

    The congregation was a sea of Seahawks jerseys, face paint, and blue and green beads.

    "We're people who love God but we love football, we love the Hawks and we actually think God loves it when we have fun and when we enjoy ourselves," Pastor Barry Crane said.

    It isn't the first time North Sound church has rearranged services for the Hawks.

     Last year, services were shifted to finish before the early playoff game against the Atlanta Falcons.

     On Sunday, they used an air-powered cannon that they used to shoot miniature footballs and fun-sized Skittles packs in the air.

     Ushers handed out full-sized versions.

     "I think everybody knows enough about Marshawn [Lynch] and his love of Skittles," Crane said.

      For the sermon, Crane showed The Making of a Champion, a video with Seahawks players like Russell Wilson and Seahawks staff talking about their faith.

      "I think people relate to it quite a bit, especially young people," Seahawks fan and congregation member Leah Wall said.

     Crane said they have faith in the Seahawks to bring home one more win.

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