• Less information, more frustration for Seattle NBA fans


    Seattle -  More frustration could be coming for NBA fans in Seattle on the day committee members are supposed to  meet to make their recommendation about whether the Sacramento Kings will stay in California or be sold and move to Seattle.

    Numerous sources said committee could once again delay any recommendation about whether or not the Kings will relocate.

    "We're waiting for the actual decision to be made," said Shawn Kemp, Sonics legend and current owner of Oskar's Kitchen in Queen Ann, just blocks from Key Arena.

    Kemp said
     he has seen a decent amount of frustration from fans coming in and out of his bar stemming from all the delays recently.

    Sacramento's mayor promised a big announcement about investors by March 1, but the date was missed.
    On April 3rd and April 17th , a key NBA committee failed to produce any recommendation about the move. Finally, no decision was made during the NBA owners meetings on April 18th  and April 19th.

    Kemp tries to help keep the faith by preaching patients to fans in his bar and fellow bar owners who would likely see a huge business boost if the team returned.

    "If they come back
    , we're going to do some more things, and hope to have more people come in," Kemp said.

    Even if some sort of news does come from the NBA Monday, the league has made clear previously that a final decision would not come until on or around May
    13th -- if that deadline is not missed as well.

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