• Legislature moves to drop mandatory school age by 2 years


    OLYMPIA, Wash. -  The Washington state Legislature is moving to drop the mandatory school age by two years, but there’s a loophole that exempts some students.


    In Washington, most  6-year-olds go to kindergarten and most 7-year-olds are in first grade.


    The current law says parents are only required to send children to school when they're 8.


    Washington and Pennsylvania are the only two states that use that age, and the Legislature is moving to change that.


    House Bill 1283 drops the mandatory school age to 6, but has a loophole would allow parents who homeschool their children to do so until their child is 8.


    Even with the loophole, homeschool organizations are not fans of the bill.


    “We don't believe House Bill 1283 is in the best interests of parental rights in Washington …this bill will prevent parents from being able to decide when their child is ready to start school,”  the Home School Legal Defense said on its website.


    The bill goes to the House rules committee next.

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