• Two dead after car plunges into Green River


    TUKWILA, Wash. - Two people are dead after their speeding car went airborne over an embankment and landed in the Green River in Tukwila.


    A dive team recovered an Audi with the body of the driver and passenger inside.  


    The King County Medical Examiner identified them as a woman, Johnetta Powell-Stewart, 35, and a man, ConJewel  M. Glover, 38. The cause of both deaths was asphyxia and drowning.


    Medics and police were called to the 6800 block of 180th Street just after 2 a.m. after another driver called 911 and said he saw a car traveling at a high rate of speed go off the road, over a bike trail and over an embankment before plunging in the Green River.


    Police said if it wasn't for the caller,  they may have never found the car or known there was a crash because the river is too deep and there was no sign the crash happened.


    Police said the driver didn't brake or steer before going airborne off the road and that speed appeared to be a factor in the crash.


    “This is a wide-open road, a long straightaway, and so he built up quite a bit of speed before he hit that corner, and we just don't know if he didn't see the corner coming or if he did it deliberately or what the situation is, but he hit it straight on and fast,” said Tukwila police officer Mike Murphy.


    It took crews more than an hour to get to the car that was submerged 8 feet in the river.  The road remains closed as investigators remain on the scene.  


    Witness Scott Smith said he was heading home from work at UPS when he saw the crash.


    "Literally, they were in front of me and then they were gone.  And when I pulled over, they were floating down the river," said Smith.


    Smith quickly called 911 and said dozens of rescuers arrived in minutes.


    "I'd say there were probably 20 police officers and 10 firefighters.   They had a boat with like four guys," said Smith.


    There were reports of racing in the area before the crash.  Police don't know if the crash is related to racing.  Smith said he didn't see any other cars on the road.

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