• Last-minute Christmas shoppers pack Southcenter mall

    By: Henry Rosoff


    TUKWILA, Wash. - Southcenter was full of last minute shoppers Christmas Eve.

    Marquis Holmes was among them. He said he had no choice but to shop when he did.

    "Sometimes you got to wait until your check comes," he said. "Plus you get those last minute sales that go on and stuff like that."

    There were deals to be had. Windows flashed signs offering discounts upwards of percent. Many stores were already in "after Christmas" sales mode to unload surplus inventory.

    But Logan Miller was not there because he had been waiting for a deal. He showed up in Superman pajama pants, having rolled out of bed and realized he needed everything.

    The Nist family had more of plan. Christmas Eve shopping is a family tradition.

    "Always today, ever since the kids have been really little, Christmas Eve I gather them together," Rob Nist said.

    There were also people there because they just needed that one last gift. Leta Johnson was looking for that gift for her son.

    "I have another 40 minutes in me around all these people and I'm gone no matter what and he'll just get cash," she said.

    Southcenter closed at 6 p.m. Most stores in the greater Seattle area closed at that time. Some like Walmart stayed open a few hours later.

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