Landlord strips down in front of tenant

By: Kevin McCarty


TACOMA, Wash. - Kimber Tarnecki says she was shocked with her landlord stormed into her rental home uninvited Thursday, yelling at her about some bushes and trees around the home that had been trimmed back. But what happened next left Tarnecki terrified.

She says her 60-year-old landlord, James Grimsey, suddenly began undressing. "He stripped down completely naked in front of me and my kids," said Tarnecki, 28. "He walked right past my kids and started undressing. And my kids were like, less than a foot away from him."

Tarnecki said she grabbed her young daughter and infant son and ran outside, calling police and her mother for help. Her mother arrived first, and when she walked inside the house, Grimsey was still inside. "He was back in another room with his feet up on the desk, completely naked still."

Grimsey was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor indecent exposure. Tacoma police say he is also a suspect in a peeping-tom incident that happened just after Tarnecki moved into the home on the first of the month.

She heard someone trying to open an unlocked window and called police. Officers found a monocular and brand-new Seahawks baseball cap under the window, but no suspect. "We obviously will continue this investigation to find out if in fact he is the same person that was the peeping tom," said the police spokeswoman, Officer Loretta Cool.


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