• 4th of July fireworks show in jeopardy - again


    SEATTLE - The annual fireworks show that's lit up Lake Union for more than two decades may not happen this summer.

     Organizers say they need $500,000 to safely put on a fireworks display over Lake Union, and if they can’t raise the money, there won’t be a show.

     One Reel has organized Family 4th at Lake Union display for 24 years, but since the recession and the show’s main sponsor, Washington Mutual, went out of business, the display's been at risk of not happening each year.

     Starbucks was the main sponsor of the event last year.

     In 2009, the other fireworks show in Seattle over Elliott bay was canceled because the sponsor, Ivar’s decided to use the money for other purposes, such as donating to a food bank.

     The Family 4th display serves about half a million people between those who watch in person and on TV, so the cost of the display is about $1 per person served.

     The money must be raised by March 31 for the show to happen.

    One Reel has a page set up for donations on their website.

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