• Lacey teen sentenced in drive-by shooting

    By: Richard Thompson


    LACEY, Wash. - Terrell Fox, 18, sat quietly in a Thurston County courtroom Thursday afternoon and listened as a prosecutor told a judge why Fox should go to prison for 15 years for taking part in a drive-by shooting.

    "He was the one that brought the firearm, he was the one who actually fired the shots from the vehicle," said Deputy Prosecutor Wayne Graham.

    Prosecutors say Fox had nothing to do with ongoing fights between two of his classmates at River Ridge High School.

    However when one of those teens, Victor Torres, asked Fox if he could get a gun and shoot a 15-year-old boy, prosecutors say Fox agreed.

    It was Jan. 24 that Victor Torres got behind the wheel and Fox was in the passenger seat and they found the 15-year-old walking near his home in Lacey. Fox opened fire, hitting the boy in the leg.

    Fox plead guilty to assault charges and then the soft-spoken teen, who has not been in any trouble before the shooting, spoke to the judge. "I would like to apologize for what I did and stuff like that. I know I did something really stupid and bad."

    Fox's aunt, grandmother and other family members watched and listened as Judge James Dixon sentenced Fox to 15 years in prison. 

    His family says they are sad to see Fox heading to prison but agree he must pay the price for his actions.

    Fox's aunt Ilona Pttis told KIRO-7 "We can't believe it. Somebody could have been have lost their life so it's not just like we feel bad for Terrell we feel bad for the person it happened to too."

    Fox's grandmother Elfriede Bacemore says she's just thankful her grandson did not kill the 15-year-old victim. "We're sorry for what happened to the other kid, like we said he could have lost his life if Terrell had been a better aim -- he probably would have lost his life."

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