• Lacey father charged with murdering his 3 year-old son


    LACEY, Wash. - Thirty-eight year old Jeremy Cramer appeared in court in Anaconda, Montana Tuesday afternoon.

    He looked distraught as the charges were read. 

    Police say Cramer’s wife called 911 on Monday.  Cramer took 3 year old Brody away in the car around 9am Monday.

    Natalie Cramer called him more than 50 times, he didn’t answer, and didn’t return her text messages.  

    She checked their bank account, and saw he had filled up his truck in Moses Lake.

     Lacey Police issued a bulletin to law enforcement to look for the vehicle and do a welfare check on Cramer and his son.  

    They did not issue an amber alert.

    “We had no indications that there was going to be any harm to the child was in danger,” said Cmdr. Jim Mack of Lacey Police.

     It was a store clerk in Montana who called 911 after Cramer was seen in a restroom washing blood off his hands and clothes.

    Police arrested Cramer, but Brody wasn’t with him. The 3 year-old boy’s body was discovered early Tuesday morning.

    At the family’s home, on Lacey’s Southwick Lake,  there were still toys sitting in the front yard.

    Family members gathered to comfort Natalie Cramer Tuesday night.

     Neighbors couldn’t believe Jeremy Cramer was accused of killing his son.

    Next door neighbor, Abdul Kahn told KIRO 7,  “I am horrified.  It’s hard to believe that this can happen.”

    Kahn  said he watched Cramer take his son out on the lake in a row boat.

     Police say they had no indication from Cramer’s wife or from Cramer’s past to indicate Brody was at risk.

    “It hurts.  Any time an innocent child is murdered like that it hurts.  You’re going to always ask yourself:  is there anything else we could have done?" Mack said.

    “I think we did everything we could have done with the information we had at the time,” Mack told KIRO 7.

    Cramer is being held on $250,000 bond.

    He’s expected back in court July 30th.

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