Seattle fast food restaurants closed by protests


SEATTLE - Labor activists protested outside a Taco Bell in Ballard Wednesday night and caused the Thursday morning closure of another Seattle fast-food restaurant.

Some fast-food employees claim companies don't respect their workers.

“Do you want someone to be happy while they’re making what you eat, or do you want them to be like, ‘I really don’t care about this I’m not getting paid that much anyway so why should I make your food good?’” cashier Leon Castleberry said.

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Thursday morning, protesters moved to a North Seattle Burger King to continue their rally. They said they want at least $15 an hour and the ability to work more hours.

The Burger King at 14340 15th Ave. N.E. had to close after at least seven workers walked off the job.

“Due to all employees walking out for the stroke for poverty today we are understaffed and unable to serve you at this time,” a sign on a south door said. “Sincerest apologies.”

Protesting workers also rallied at the Taco Del Mar near University Way Northeast – better known as The Ave – about 9:30 a.m. Thursday.

Several similar fast food restaurant strikes have occurred this month in cities across the United States, including Detroit, St. Louis and Milwaukee.