• KIRO 7 speaks to violent sex offender

    By: Linzi Sheldon


    SEATTLE - Police say Michael Stanley is a violent sex offender who is wanted in Canada for cutting off his electronic monitoring ankle bracelet. 

    KIRO 7 spoke with him exclusively after he registered with the King County Sheriff's Office as homeless sex offender in Seattle.

    "Are you dangerous to the community now?" KIRO 7 asked.

    "No!" he said. "Have you heard anybody get hurt by me? No!"

    In fact, Stanley disputed some of the most heinous crimes on his record, including a conviction for sexually assaulting a woman in her 80s.

    "So you're saying you never raped that elderly woman?" KIRO 7 asked.

    "There was nothing that even brought me close to that woman," Stanley said.

    According to parole board records, Stanley got out of prison in 2011 after serving time for assaulting two mentally-challenged boys.

    He had to wear an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet, but on Oct. 1 he cut it off.

    "Oct. 1 I'd had enough," he said. "I said, 'I'm leaving this country.'"

    Days later, he crossed the border.

    U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials won't say how he got across.

    Stanley said he doesn't know where he'll be staying.

    "You've been sleeping on the streets?" KIRO 7 asked.

    "Basically," he said. "Walking the streets."

    Stanley said he was raised in Seattle and his brother still lives here, but he doesn't want to pull his brother into media coverage.

    Stanley has no address and no job.

    He said he wants to start over.

    "So I can start off fresh and live a free life," he said.

    KIRO 7 asked if he's going to commit any other crimes in Seattle.

    "No! I haven't since I got thrown in prison in 2004," Stanley said. "My face is all over. You think im going to do a crime?"

    Stanley's now required to check in at the King County Courthouse every week.

    Seattle police have said they will track him.

    "They can do whatever they want," Stanley said. "I told them, 'You guys can watch me, I don't care, you can walk down the street with me, but you're not going to catch me doing anything,'"

    Canadian authorities said his offense, cutting off his bracelet, isn't serious enough to extradite him.

    But Mayor Mike McGinn said he's contact

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