• KIRO 7 obtains video of alleged attempted murder

    By: Richard Thompson


    THURSTON COUNTY, Wash. - KIRO 7 Eyewitness News has obtained home surveillance video from a shooting Monday that Thurston County detectives call attempted murder. 

    The video shows 51-year-old Shane Pagel coming out of his home on Delphi Road near Olympia to confront his step-daughter's boyfriend because the couple had been fighting.  Pagel is seen in the video carrying a shotgun, walking toward the man's truck and firing a blast from the shotgun over the truck. A puff of smoke can be seen when the gun is fired in the video. 

    Thurston County Sgt. Ray Brady told KIRO 7, "The suspect in this case made threats that he was going to get a gun and kill the victim."

    The home surveillance cameras were rolling as Pagel continued around the truck. His body was partially obscured by the vehicle but detectives say it appears he is stomping on the victim. The two men fight and Pagel is pushed over backward to the ground. At that point in the video, both men disappear behind the truck and that's when the victim was able to grab the shotgun away from Pagel.  The victim reappears on camera and can be seen swinging the gun by the barrel down toward the victim and that's when the gun discharged and shot the victim in the leg. 

    "The victim believed he was going to be killed by the suspect," said Sgt. Brady.  As the video continues, the victim, a 28-year-old man, can be seen hobbling around the back of the truck and then falling to the ground. 

    Detectives said video shows from the beginning that Pagel is responsible for the violence because he made the choice to come out of his house with the gun and pursue the victim. 

    Sgt. Brady said, "He did have intent to commit murder in this case." 

    The victim has now been released from Harborview Medical Center in Seattle after being treated for a serious wound in the leg.  

     Pagel was booked into the Thurston County jail for attempted murder.

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