• KIRO 7 consumer alert prompts warning about plastic film on toys


    WASHINGTON - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is warning parents and caregivers to remove all plastic film coverings on toys and other children’s products because they can pose a choking hazard to children.


    The warning comes after a KIRO 7 consumer investigation last month revealed that a 10-month old boy choked on a small plastic part from his Luv U Zoo Jumparoo toy, made by Fisher-Price toy.


    "The plastic film is used by some manufacturers to prevent mirrors or other surfaces from being scratched during shipping. This plastic film is part of the packaging and is not intended for use by children," the CPSC alert said.


    "They could mouth it and gag, or even choke on it," the CSPC said in its blog, referring to the KIRO 7 report that a family "didn't realize the plastic was on the toy until their son gagged, couldn’t breathe and eventually coughed it up."


    The CPSC said parents should "examine toys and other children’s products and remove all plastic film coverings before you allow a child to play with or handle a product."


    Fisher-Price issued this statement in response:


    The Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a Safety Alert regarding plastic film coverings on various consumer products, which referenced the Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo™ Jumperoo™.


    Consumers should review this product to ensure it does not have a plastic film covering over the mirror. In general, it is good practice to inspect products before children use them to ensure all packaging materials have been removed.


    It is so important to us that consumers contact us whenever they have an issue or concern with one of our products. We conduct extensive safety tests on every product, and all of our products meet or exceed industry standards, but we can’t foresee what each of our consumer’s day-to-day experiences will be like and we rely on consumers to keep us informed.

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