• KIRO 7 confronts self-proclaimed anarchist accused of smashing bank ATMs

    By: Henry Rosoff



    Brendan McCormack made an appearance Friday in King County Court. 

    According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the Seattle Police detective in the case did not have his information prepared in time for the prosecutors to move forward with charges. 

    A spokesman for the prosecutor’s office stressed that no one dismissed charges against McCormack (none have been filed yet).  

    He said his office will review the case and if everything is in order, file charges against McCormack later this week.

    You might only hear about them around May Day, but Seattle Police track self-proclaimed anarchist year round.

    Recently cops were following up on a series of bank vandalism incidents on Capitol Hill.  ATMs and windows were smashed at five different banks and anarchist graffiti was sprayed on most of them.  There was also anarchist graffiti on a Starbucks and an American Apparel store.

    Tuesday Seattle Police arrested Brendan McCormack for doing the thousands of dollars in vandalism.  Officers believe he is the one in grainy ATM surveillance photos.  The self-proclaimed anarchist was found when police searched anarchist Facebook pages. 

    McCormack also posted a picture of himself in a blue and white scarf over his face, that’s seen in the surveillance video.

    When KIRO 7 confronted McCormack outside his Capitol Hill apartment he mumbled a lot and would not answer our questions directly.

    McCormack was released from jail without bail Wednesday, even though inside his apartment police said they also found the scarf and backpack seen in the surveillance videos, along with spray paint.

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