• Kirkland residents furious about new development

    By: Joanna Small


    KIRKLAND, Wash. - Residents of Kirkland's most desirable neighborhoods are furious about a new development.  

    They're up in arms because they say it will dump trash right in the middle of their million-dollar view on Lake Washington Boulevard.

    "It's really a mess right now," said Tom Foley.  

    Foley says that mess stinks.  

    The company that wants to build an apartment complex 20 feet behind his condo will also be emptying trash in the street. There’s no room on the property for dumpsters, so on garbage day the developer has said the trucks will pull into public, street-side parking spaces.

    One of the people who lives in the waterfront homes is an attorney; he says it's against city ordinance. He and others complained to the city.

    For the city's part, it's suing, but not about that. It claims the property isn't zoned to build what development company Path America wants to build there. According to Path America’s website that's 115 market rate apartments with first floor commercial space. The permit to do that is still listed "in review” on the city’s website.

    An earlier version of this story said KIRO 7 tried to contact the Mayor. We have since heard from the Mayor and we had called an incorrect number for her.

    People say this road can't handle any more residents.

    "Especially at rush hour it will back up going north,” explains David Rekow, who walks Lake Washington Boulevard regularly.

    Foley says he can't handle a bad view.

    "The building will come out to about this height right now,” he says, lifting his hand above his second-story back deck.

    A bad smell, though, may be even worse.

    "I do feel misled; that wasn't supposed to happen,” Foley concludes.

    The recent lawsuit gave Path America the right to build there, but nothing is happening until the city of Kirkland finishes its appeal next month.

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