• Kings to Seattle rumors hit fever pitch


    SEATTLE - Rumors have hit a fever pitch as it’s looking more likely that the Sacramento Kings could become the Seattle SuperSonics.


    The plan for a new arena is bulldozing forward and there’s a new proposed land use sign that's gone up, but a team is needed before the arena can be built.


    According to NBA insiders, the Kings are on a "clear path" to Seattle, but there’s still nothing official.


    Yahoo Sports, however, continues to offer some intriguing insights.  They're reporting the NBA held a high-level conference call with the league's relocation committee last week to go over an offer by Chris Hansen's investment group to buy the Kings for $525 million.


    But a couple of deep-pocket investors in California are reportedly still scrambling to get something done to keep the team in California.


    Sacramento's mayor, former NBA player Kevin Johnson, is hoping to broker a deal, but those offers apparently haven't gelled yet and some insiders suggest it’s because the deal with the Hansen-Steve Ballmer group is so far along.


    On Tuesday morning, Sacramento Bee reporter Ryan Lillis said on his blog, "Mayor Kevin Johnson said this morning that he has received approval from NBA Commissioner David Stern to present a counter offer for the Kings directly to the NBA's board of governors."


    In order to have the Kings relocate and play next season in Seattle, which is reportedly Hanson and Ballmer's plan, they have to file for relocation by March 1.

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