• King County nurse surrenders license after authorizing pot to kids

    By: David Ham


    SEATTLE - Joel Berman, 66, admitted to state health officials that he authorized pot for children ages 4 and 6. He told the state's nursing commission that the children had a wasting condition where they were not eating and they were losing weight. The state charged him for the offense, but he surrendered his license before he could contest the charges.

    Berman said over the phone that the marijuana for the children was within their "standard of care." He added that the father of the children came to him with the idea for the recommendation to give marijuana to his children. He's been a nurse with Washington State since 1980.

    According to the investigation, wasting alone isn't enough to recommend the marijuana to kids. Health officials said children would need to be diagnosed with another terminal or debilitating condition. The report also said that Berman did not check the children for a physical or their medical histories before recommending the marijuana.

    Berman does not have any other disciplinary action against him with the state. He said it was his first time recommending marijuana for children.

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