• Kent salon hit by a car again

    By: Deborah Horne


    KENT, Wash. -   "And it doesn't even look like they pushed the rocks back or anything. It looks like they actually just jumped it." 

      Felicia Edwards showed us just where it happened at about 3 Friday morning.  A vehicle slammed into the Style Makers salon on Central Avenue in Kent where she has worked for just two and a half years.  

    "The car hit these rocks, jumped as you can see the tire tracks here, and hit the window and took out part of the wall here.” 

     No one here can remember exactly when, but they said it has happened before.  A vehicle coming across the sidewalk, going into the green space and hitting the building. They even put in a  boulder thinking it might stop it from happening again.  No such luck. 

    "Does it make you concerned at all?" I asked.  

     "Now that I see that rock didn't stop them, a little bit," said Edwards. 

    Especially since it came this time during their busy season. 

     "I had a client text me and wanted to make sure she's getting her hair done for the holidays," Edwards said.  "That's all she cared about." 

      What salon employees care about -- and hope -- is that there won't be a third time for this. 

     The teenager accused of causing the accident was taken into custody.

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