• Police car hit after early morning chase through Kent streets


    KENT, Wash. - Police arrested two men on Wednesday who allegedly stole a car and led an early morning chase through residential streets in Kent.

    The chase started around 4 a.m. when, police said, they they saw “suspicious activity,” and tried to pull over the car. The car drove off with, they said, stolen mail inside.

    Randal Crater was going to drive to work at 4 a.m., but his car was missing.  Before he could report it, the police were at his door saying they had recovered it five miles away.

    “Well at least I get my car back hopefully,” Crater said. “I was wondering what kind of condition it'd be in."

    The car had a large dent in the door, but it still could run.

    Crater said that police were chasing the two men driving his car when the car hit a patrol car.

    The pair then reportedly rain into the woods behind Alicia Leeth's house. The police and their search dog woke her up.

    "I just heard the police saying, “Get down, get down,” and saw a whole bunch of flashing lights and a whole bunch of cops,” Leeth said. “Our dog was barking."

    Crater said police told him they found stolen mail and other items, including flashlights and a GPS, in his car.

    Kent police told KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Frank Field that the suspects are a 29-year-old transient and a 25-year-old who is well known to them. The pair is being held for auto theft, possession of stolen property and eluding police.

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