• Kent officer fires at driver who rammed police car


    KENT, Wash. - Kent police say an officer fired his gun to stop the driver of a stolen pickup truck who rammed a police car, clipping the officer. 

    The incident began about midnight Friday, when the officer spotted the stolen Ford pickup in the parking lot of a business on South 194th Street that was closed for the night.

    As the officer tried to detain the driver of the truck, the driver hit the gas, ramming the police car as he tried to get away.  The officer shot at the truck, which went out of control and hit a couple of trees.  The truck ended up hanging halfway off the curb into the street. 

    Police took the 32-year-old driver and two passengers in the truck into custody after medics treated them for injuries from the crash.  Kent police say they were all booked into the King County Jail.

    The medics also treated the officer who was hit by the truck as it moved by.  Police said he wasn’t badly hurt.

    As is customary, the officer, who’s been in law enforcement for 16 years, is on administrative leave until the investigation is complete. 

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