Justin Bieber's personal items stolen despite Tacoma Dome's high security



TACOMA, Wash. - A day after singer Justin Bieber tweeted that his camera and computer containing personal footage were stolen during his Tacoma Dome concert Tuesday night, the theft remains a mystery.


Now reports of compromising pictures are showing up on the internet, and the singer and fans are saying they are fakes.


The dressing room where Bieber’s personal items were allegedly stolen was filled with desks and furniture the touring staff brings to every show, but now is empty.


Management at the Tacoma Dome showed KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Kevin McCarty the dressing room which Bieber’s laptop and camera were likely stolen.


“They encounter a guard that’s posted on either end of the hallway and you have to show the proper credentials as posted by the tour. If you do not have the proper credentials, then you’re not allowed in this space,” said the Tacoma Dome’s manager, Rob Henson.


The hallway leading to the room is under tight security and surveillance cameras monitor the hallways, which would make trying to get into the room difficult.


After surveillance footage was reviewed, there was no indication that anyone may have taken Bieber’s laptop and camera.


“Well it’s just like everybody else, if you have a loss of a property, we direct them to contact the Tacoma Police Department,” said Henson.


Bieber and his staff have not filed a police report even though he tweeted that he lost personal pictures from the camera and computer.


Without a report, there isn’t a case for police to investigate.