• Jury reviews phone messages, interview in Pietz murder trial


    SEATTLE - A jury deciding the fate of Lynnwood man David Pietz, who is accused of killing his wife in 2006, spent the morning listening to his interview with detectives.

     The interview with King County detectives occurred directly after David Pietz learned the body of his wife, Nicole Pietz, had been found in Burien.

     The interview, and the messages David Pietz left on his wife’s cellphone the day prosecutors said he killed her, were already been placed into evidence after they were heard by jurors.

     But the jury told the judge late last week that first thing Monday morning, they wanted to listen to the evidence again.

     In David Pietz’s interview with detectives, he talked about he and his wife’s somewhat inactive sex life and introduced his concern that his wife might again be addicted to prescription painkillers.

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     “She’s a pill addict. That’s her drug of choice,” David Pietz said during the interview.  “The Percocet bottle was on the counter and it was empty.”

     Prosecutors said Nicole Pietz was celebrating eight years of sobriety the day she was strangled by her husband.

     Prosecutors say David Pietz killed his wife because he didn't want to be married to her.

     The case went to the jury late Wednesday and jurors deliberated for six hours on Thursday.

     Monday was the first time they asked the judge for any clarifications.

     They’ll continue to deliberate throughout the day.  KIRO 7 Eyewitness News will have the verdict streaming live on kirotv.com as soon as it’s reached.

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