Job openings available for Puget Sound Naval Shipyard

by: Chris Legeros Updated:


BREMERTON, Wash. - The U.S. Government posted 1,073 job openings for the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard on Monday morning.

Matthew Daignault didn't waste any time. We found him at a computer at the WorkSource office in Bremerton. He said, "Today's my day off, so I rushed down here."

Job applicants have until Wednesday night to apply online for full time helper trainee positions.

They would work as shipfitters, welders, mechanics, pipefitters, shipwrights, electricians and painters. The jobs would pay from $15.11 an hour to $17.62 per hour.

That's quite a bit more than the $11 an hour Daignault now makes working at an auto service company. The government also offers a full benefit package.

Daignault said, "Here in Bremerton, if you want a career based job, that's going to be the best path for local employment."

Congress ordered federal budget cuts earlier this year. There was a hiring freeze, but the Navy shipyard's needs were considered so important, it didn't have to lay off workers. It continued to fill gaps caused by attrition.

With the hiring freeze now over, the shipyard is focused on adding workers to maintain and repair ships in the future.

The hiring will add more than $30 million in wages to the region.

That's a big deal, according to John Powers. He's the director of the Kitsap Economic Development Alliance.

Powers said, "About half of our economy, both employment base direct and indirect, are related to the Department of Defense in one way or another."

The new hires would increase the shipyard work force by almost 10 percent, to 11,785 employees. On top of those employed by the shipyard, there are thousands of outside contractors working in the yard.

Powers said, "This operation, the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard is the second largest industrial complex in all the Pacific Northwest, second only to the Boeing plant at Everett.

If you are interested in applying for a helper trainee position onine, here's a link you can click on: