SeattleInsider: JBLM mom and son become 'exasperating' Internet sensations


If you’ve been on Facebook today, chances are you’ve seen the video.

Recorded by a mom in the front seat, the cellphone video shows her two kids getting the news that they would soon get a new brother or sister. The mom told them she’s pregnant.

“What were you thinking?” the little boy, Tre, said after putting his hands over his eyes. “This is exasperating!”
From his car seat the boy says his mother just had two kids and questions why she would want to replace one.
“Baby, we would never replace you and Amiah. You’re just going to have another brother or sister.”
He says hearing a little boy cry could be worse than hearing his baby sister crying. Tre tells his mom: “Buy me some earplugs, too.” 
The mother, Shanee Gibson Hart, is a Fort Lewis native who is stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Since the brief video was posted on her personal Facebook page Aug. 20 it was shared more than 334,000 times.
After it was posted on the KIRO 7 page, Gibson Hart received several compliments.
“Your son is lovely!” viewer Cara Curphey wrote. “To be able to express himself so well and with such vocabulary at such a young age means you are doing an amazing job, mom!”
The post got a thank you note from Gibson Hart, who joked on her own Facebook page that she’d give her son military-grade earplugs.
Responding to comments about her son being hilarious, Gibson Hart said, “This is everyday too.”
On Friday KIRO 7 heard back from a sergeant work works with Gibson Hart at JBLM. She was told about the requests to interview her and Tre. She’s gotten requests from across the nation, but so far has been reluctant, the sergeant said.
“We all enjoyed the video and we all knew Trey would be big someday,” Gibson Hart’s relative, Stephanie Hart-Gatson wrote on Facebook. “If this is the beginning of something big for him I am asking you all to join me and plead the blood of Jesus over this family. No weapon formed against them shall prosper.
“What we are going to do is keep this family in prayer.”

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