• Jailed man confesses to Murder - police still looking for body


    FEDERAL WAY, Wash. - A murder mystery with no body: a suspect, but no victim.

    KIRO 7 Reporter Amy Clancy has learned that detectives with the Federal Way Police Department searched the wooded areas near Palisades Park over the weekend with cadaver dogs, looking for a murder victim.

    While serving a drug sentence at the Clatsop County Oregon Jail last month, 21-year old Adam Christensen told a jailer he wanted to talk "about somebody I might have killed."

    Christensen told investigators, while conducting a heroin deal at Palisades Park in Federal Way this past April, he shot a man in the chest – and again in the back – when the victim tried to run away.

    According to court documents obtained by Clancy, Christensen believed "after shooting him twice that he would not have survived."

    And Detective Richard Kim agrees.

    Clancy: "Do you believe it's credible?"
    Kim: "I do. In this case, there is no body, but I have a suspect that's come forward to say 'I've killed someone, or possibly shot someone.'"

    According to documents, Christensen stole the ammunition used in the murder from his father, Auburn Police Officer Dave Christensen.

    Adam Christensen is out of the Clatsop County Jail, and is currently behind bars at the Kent City Jail on unrelated theft and DUI charges.

    As for the alleged murder victim, all Christensen would tell investigators is that he's a black man in his 20s from Tacoma, possibly a member of the Hilltop Crips.

    All he would say about the man who drove him to Palisades Park that night, that he was from Milton and drove a Yukon.

    Clancy asked Kim how many Yukons there are in Milton.

    Kim: "Approximately 56."
    Clancy: "And have you looked at everybody who owns one?"
    Kim: "I have."

    If you know anything about the victim or the man who drove Christensen to Palisades Park, please call Detective Richard Kim at 253-835-6744.

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