• Issaquah voters could toss plastic bag ban

    By: Maria Guerrero


    ISSAQUAH, Wash. - A plastic bag ban faces its first pushback at the polls.  Voters in Issaquah will decide Tuesday whether to toss the City Council's plastic bag ban altogether.

    While thick, reusable plastic bags are still allowed for a 20-cent fee at stores like Front Street Market and Safeway, lightweight plastic bags are banned at large retailers.       

    The City of Issaquah’s plastic bag ban took effect in 2013.    Smaller retail stores will be required to ban plastic bags in July, but Issaquah voters could bag the ban.  If approved, Proposition 1 would repeal the city’s plastic bag ban.

    "It makes it good for our community because we don't have the plastic bags laying around like on the ground," said Jennifer Talton who voted no.

    Scott Gard voted yes, saying these decisions shouldn’t be made by City Council members alone.

    "It should really be up to the voters to decide if we want to ban it or not," he said.

    If approved, the ordinance would also require than future regulations of retail carryout bags be approved by both a majority of the city council and voters.

    First results will come in at 8:15 p.m.

    The group Save Our Choice led the effort to repeal the plastic bag ban.  That's the same group that tried, unsuccessfully, to repeal Seattle's ban several years ago.       

    Save Our Choice says it has received one check for $3,000 from a plastic bag company out of California but has otherwise been rejected by large bag companies, according to Craig Keller of the group.

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