• Investigation continues in suspected heroin overdose

    By: Rick Price


    REDMOND, Wash. - Redmond police have released new information as they investigate the case of a 4-year-old whose mother discovered him unconscious Tuesday in his father’s house.  The father had also passed out.  Police suspect heroin because of drug paraphernalia nearby, and they are investigating the possibility that the father injected the child with the drug.

    Wednesday morning, in response to an inquiry by KIRO News, Redmond Police Department spokesman Lt. Charlie Gorman clarified that heroin is not yet confirmed. He said both the boy and his 37-year-old father are in separate hospitals, unconscious, stable and sedated. When a KIRO 7 reporter asked if there's any evidence the child had been injected with the drug on prior occasions, Gorman said there is not. 

    When asked, Gorman said detectives have not yet pinned down a motive. He did say at this point they are treating this as an assault investigation.

    As of Wednesday morning, police tape still encircled the father's home. The lights had been left on all night in the empty house. Tuesday evening, a KIRO crew photographed police officers removing boxes, bags, and even cans of evidence from the home.

    Police say the boy and his mother had moved out of the house, but had returned for a visit and were staying a few days. She had gone out, and returned to find the two unconscious. 

    Neighbors can't believe what they're hearing. Alex Marchand told KIRO News: "I've never heard of anything like that, I'm utterly perplexed and shocked," She said: "I cannot even contain that thought right now."

    The investigation continues.

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