• International student charged, bail raised to $2M in near-fatal crash


    SEATTLE -  

     A student from China who came to Seattle to go to school has been charged in a crash that injured a car full of teens and left a woman on life support.


    Court documents said Yichun Xu may have been in the U.S. illegally and was driving without a license when he crashed his Mercedes into another car after running a stop sign in Des Moines on Saturday.


    Witnesses said he was going 70 mph in a 30 mph zone.


    KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter David Ham, who obtained the car’s license plate number, looked online and found an ad listing the matching 2008 Mercedes C-350 Sport for sale for $31,000.


    "It's not the type of car that a 19-year-old without any driver's license should have any business behind the wheel of,” said attorney David Nold.


    Nold is the attorney for Brenda Gomez, the 25-year-old woman who is on life support after she was injured in the crash with Xu.


    Police said Gomez was driving a car full of teens to a Quinceanera 15th birthday party on Saturday when Xu ran a stop sign and slammed Gomez’ car against a rock wall.


    Prosecutors charged Xu with four counts of vehicular assault and two counts of reckless endangerment.


    Xu’s bail was initially set at $500,000 but was raised to $2 million Thursday because he is considered a flight risk.


    Prosecutors want to make sure the 19-year-old doesn't flee to China.


    "It's entirely possible if the defendant obtains a bond or bail that's achievable through a bond or bail bondsman that we'll never see him again,” said Nold.


    Ham asked the jail to pass a note to Xu asking him to call Ham collect, but Ham has not heard back.


    Xu’s arraignment is set for November 29.

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