• International District jewelry store closes after 33 years in business


    SEATTLE - A jewelry store in the International District is closing down Saturday after 33 years in business.

    The Le Hama was the first store where Chinese immigrants could buy treasured gold and jade jewelry.

    Business has been booming since the owners announced the decision to close, but their daughter said the last few years have been difficult.

    “Bittersweet. I mean, I’m happy for my parents, but very sad because again, it is a part of my life and a lot of times like my family, would be, ‘Where shall we meet? Oh, let’s just do it at your parents’ store.’ And you know start our day there,” said Angie Ma. “Everybody knows this place, our whole family, our friends. Oh, let’s just meet at Le Hama.”

    Ma was in kindergarten when her Hong Kong-born parents opened the jewelry store.

    The store was the first and now the last Chinese-owned jewelry store in the International District. 

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