• Inslee administration reveals more plans to cope with government shutdown

    By: Essex Porter


    Just days until a government shutdown on Monday, and while state lawmakers say they are close to a budget deal, they do not have one yet.

    Today the governor's cabinet released new information about who will be affected.

    Some 195,000 clients in the Women, Infant, and Children nutrition program will lose the vouchers they use at supermarkets. Some 26,000 Medicaid patients and 11,500 vocational rehabilitation clients are being notified that they will not be served. And 7,000 reservations at state parks will be cancelled. 

    "There's tremendous concern that this will occur," said Mary Alice Heuschel, Gov. Inslee's chief of staff.

    While there is no budget deal yet, budget negotiators were seen entering Inslee's office Wednesday night and Senate Majority Leader Rodney Tom (D) – Medina said there is agreement on a "framework" of a deal.

    "I would imagine that either late tomorrow, (Thursday) night or early Friday we will be voting on a budget," Tom said.

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