• Inclusion in the Workplace … It Works!


    What if we lived in a world that embraced people of all abilities in the workplace? That’s the mission of our KIRO 7 Cares partner, Northwest Center, setting out to prove a simple fact:  efficient, productive, positive workforces are inclusive workforces.

    This month, we focus on National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM), and the benefit of accepting “inclusion works” in our workplace. An inclusive workforce improves morale and increases productivity. Northwest Center knows, because the nationally recognized nonprofit doesn’t just help other companies hire people with disabilities; it employs its own inclusive workforce

    Northwest Center employs more than 400 adults with developmental disabilities and place hundreds of clients in jobs that are the perfect match with their individual interests and skills. And the companies who hire them gain even more: the employers we work with report that our clients not only do their own jobs with commitment and pride, they inspire the same of their coworkers. As a result, morale improves, absenteeism decreases and productivity is enhanced. Because hiring people with disabilities isn’t just good for them, it’s good for business.

    We invite hiring managers to take a tour of Northwest Center’s South Park headquarters, to learn more. 

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