• Image of fourth-grade science quiz: "Dinosaurs lived with people"


    GREER, SC - A photograph of a fourth-grade science quiz titled "Dinosaurs: Genesis and the Gospel" has been making the rounds on Facebook.

    The completed quiz showed a perfect score, indicating that the teacher marked the following answers as correct:

    "The earth is billions of years old. – False"

    "Dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. – False"

    "On what day did God make dinosaurs? – 6th"

    "Dinosaurs lived with people. – True"

    Snopes.com, which debunks urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors and misinformation, judged that the existence of the quiz was "probably true."

    "The title of the quiz is the same as that of a DVD produced by the group 'Answers in Genesis,'" a post on Snopes.com said, "and hews closely to the material presented therein, including the admonition that 'If someone tells you the earth is millions of years old, what should be your reply?' 'Were you there?'" and the reference to the Bible as 'The History Book of the Universe.'"

    A Reddit user who posted the image in the r/atheism forum claimed that the quiz was given at a private religious school near Greer, SC.

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