Ice, snow, winter storm warning for drivers heading up to Snoqualmie Pass

By: Linzi Sheldon


Drivers dealt with slippery conditions on the roads up to Snoqualmie Pass Sunday afternoon.

The ice and compact snow on Interstate 90 put Madison Long, who was trying to get to Ellensburg, in a tough situation.

“I was sliding around a little bit and I’m still going slow,” she said, “And once it turned to compacted snow I decided I was going to pull over and call my parents.”

Chains were required for vehicles without all-wheel drive.

Long had chains. She just didn’t know what to do with them.

“The price tag’s still on there!” she pointed out.

Plows couldn’t keep up with the snow coming down.

“It must be difficult to keep ahead of this stuff,” Frank Bell said as he and his wife stopped to chain up their vehicle.

WSDOT’s signs and radio messages told drivers about the winter storm warning in effect.

In some places, I-90 was at a crawl.

Up at the summit, people stopped to defrost and clean off their wipers.

“We had a lot of buildup on our windshield wipers, so it makes you nervous,” driver Amanda Bragg said.

But for the most seasoned of winter drivers, like semitruck driver Mark Rogers, the conditions were expected.

He called the ice and snow just “another day in wintertime.”

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